Jake Tapper Calls Out Biden on Afghan Allies Left in Kabul: ‘Failed to Expedite the Process’ Despite ‘Months of Warnings’

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U.S. forces and thousands of Americans were evacuated from Afghanistan before the August 31st deadline, but according to multiple reports a significant number of Afghan allies remain in Kabul.
CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that according to a senior State Department official, “the majority of Afghans who worked for the U.S. and applied for those special immigrant visas… were likely left behind.”
Tapper played video of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin saying at an earlier press briefing, “The SIV program is obviously not designed to accommodate what we just did in evacuating over 100,000 people. And so perhaps this program should be looked at going forward. It is designed to be a slow process.”
“Indeed it has been a historically slow process,” Tapper remarked, “one that a former Trump administration official claims that the Trump administration ‘sabotaged.’”
“But that said,” he went on to add, “President Biden took office in January, and his administration failed to expedite the process to get these Afghan allies out, despite months of warnings. This as Biden administration officials tell CNN the White House was hoping to now publicly move on to other domestic challenges.”
The Biden administration has said there are up to 200 American citizens still in Afghanistan who need to be evacuated. White House officials have claimed they have enough leverage with the Taliban to be able to facilitate those evacuations.
There have also been reports of journalists still stranded in Afghanistan.
You can watch above, via CNN.
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