Dentist sparks fierce debate by saying you SHOULDN’T rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth

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A DENTIST revealed that you shouldn’t rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth and it has shocked her social media followers.
Professional Anna Peterson uploaded the video to her TikTok account, @annapetersondentalTikTok where she tells people to leave the toothpaste in their mouth after brushing.
People were shocked by the revelation as most of us have always been told to swill and spit after a brushing session.
One said: “What? Everyone rinses with water after brushing. Who is leaving toothpaste on their teeth?”
To respond to the neigh sayers, Anna posted another video from her practice.
She said: “All you are meant to do is just spit out the excess toothpaste, don’t rinse it off with water.”
The video has been viewed a million times but people are still divided about rinsing vs leaving.
One person said: “Why would you rinse? It’s supposed to stay there to protect your teeth.”
A second said: “Every single dentist I’ve ever seen in my life has me rinse my mouth at their practice with mouthwash or water.”
While a third said: “If I don’t rinse I get mouth ulcers, took me 25 years to realise it was the toothpaste itself causing the issue.”
If you’re unsure, your best bet is probably to check your toothpaste tube and follow the instructions they offer.
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