Pen Farthing latest news: Ex-marine admits he has ‘mixed emotions’ after landing in UK with pets after Kabul terror

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A former head of the British Army has said it was “unfathomable why it would appear that the Government was asleep on watch” in relation to the protection of Afghans who helped soldiers and officials.
Speaking on Times Radio, General Lord Richard Dannatt said: “On the particular issue of those who we knew were in danger, people who had worked for us, interpreters, former locally-engaged civilians, this issue has been in the media.
“This issue has been on politicians’ desks for two to three years and, certainly, it’s been there during the course of this year.
“I mean, you might remember, back in July, 45 senior officers wrote to the Government, an open letter to the Government, saying there are people we are concerned about and if we don’t do the right thing, their blood will be on our hands. It is unfathomable why it would appear that the Government was asleep on watch.
“I think the issue of Afghanistan sat on the backburner. Maybe it started to come forward. But then, suddenly, when the Taliban took over the country in the precipitate fashion in which they did, it fell off the cooker straight onto the kitchen floor and we’ve … had this chaotic extraction.
“We should have done better, we could have done better. It absolutely behoves us to find out why the Government didn’t spark up faster.”
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