Israel, US to Pursue Joint Strategy on Iran Program

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Israel and the U.S. have agreed to pursue a joint strategy to halt Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, without providing further details. 
“We achieved all the goals that we set for this visit, and even more,” Bennett said before boarding a flight to Israel from the U.S. 
Bennett, who met with President Joe Biden on Friday, said Israel had made “significant headway” in equipping its military and had also made progress on its bid for visa-free entry for its citizens to the U.S. 
Following the meeting, Biden said with regard to Iran that the U.S. is “putting diplomacy first and seeing where that takes us.” He added that if talks fail, the U.S. is ready to turn to other options.
U.S. officials are mulling their options after months of talks with Iran failed to produce an agreement that will allow a return to the 2015 accord that limited Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for U.S. sanctions relief. Israel has a long-standing opposition to the pact, and Bennett has said that the the deal with Tehran is no longer relevant.  
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