March 20, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Anti-anxiety Medication Helps Cat Relax at Animal Hospital

Q: My kitty Simba is a pussycat at home, but he turns into a lion every time we go to the animal hospital. The staff is gentle with him, but he hisses and growls, and I’m afraid he will bite them. What should I do?
A: Before your next visit, ask your veterinarian about an anti-anxiety medication such as gabapentin for Simba. It’s easily mixed with canned food or given inside a treat. Research in cats has shown this medication is effective at decreasing stress during veterinary appointments.
In addition, accustom Simba to his carrier. Line it with a fluffy towel or soft bed, and leave it in a quiet corner of your home so he gets comfortable sleeping in it. If he doesn’t use the carrier, entice him by placing treats or a plate of yummy canned food inside….
Source: The Epoch Times