More Details Revealed During Boswell Murder Trial in District Court Tuesday.

More Details Revealed During Boswell Murder Trial in District Court Tuesday.

More details on Sydney Loofe’s disappearance were revealed in District Court Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

The state called Saline County Deputy Tom Hudiburgh to the stand who answered questions about his investigation of the basement apartment of Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail after a phone number was used to determine an address in Wilber. Law enforcement went to the home on November 18, 2017 to find Boswell. Hudiburgh and other law enforcement returned to the apartment the next day, nothing unusual was noticed. He said the apartment seemed like a normal residence.

Boswell is charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and improper disposal of human remains.

Also called to the stand was the owner of the home in Wilber who talked about the layout of the house and the basement apartment that Boswell and Trail lived in. Allen Koll said nothing noticeable happened until November 16, 2017 when his wife texted him about a strong smell of bleach in the garage of their home and inside the house that caused an allergic reaction that made her very ill.

Exhibit photo of living room in Wilber, Ne apartment rented by Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell. (Tri City Tribune, Tuesday September 29, 2020)

Also called by the state was Alan’s wife Jennifer Koll who talked about a powerful smell of bleach that caused her to be nauseated and have a headache. The smell eventually dissipated by the next day November 17, 2017 but still lingered in the air.

Koll’s son Dayton was living in a room in the basement that had a common wall with the apartment but testified he didn’t hear any loud sounds or yelling, but he smelled bleach the morning of November 16.

Next, Nebraska State Patrol investigator Pedram Nabegh was called to the stand. He explained how he and other law enforcement used search warrants to comb through the residence for clues to the whereabouts of Sidney Loofe. Dozens of photos were entered into the record about the investigation about the apartment. Markers were placed in notable locations where swabs were collected or where notable evidence was found. One of the photos depicted plastic jugs of bleach found in the utility room near the washer and dryer in the apartment.

Several witnesses testified about the odor of bleach emanating from the apartment occupied by Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail following the disappearance of Sydney Loofe. Picture depicts bleach bottles entered into evidence of Bailey Boswell trial on Tuesday September 29, 2020. (Tri City Tribune)

Also, Investigator Nabegh testified about taking two cars into evidence as part of the search and miscellaneous items found in them.

As the prosecution continued to lay its foundation in the Boswell murder trial, Lincoln police detective Matt Franken was on the stand Tuesday afternoon to testify that he had learned there had been a welfare check of Loofe’s apartment. He also was aware that Boswell and Trail were persons of interest in Loofe’s disappearance in November 2017 and he knew they lived in an apartment in Wilber that recently had a bleach smell.

Another individual that became a person of interest was a young blonde women with a Russian accent by the name Anastasia Golyakova. Franken said investigators learned from Boswell’s family that Boswell and Trail had been traveling with her. Her name was found on a receipt in Boswell and Trail’s apartment from the Aardvark Antique Mall.

Investigators were able to find Boswell and Trail on surveillance video at the Ameristar Casino in Iowa  on Nov. 17 and they were spotted with another woman, Kaitlyn Brandle. Her name was on a prescription drug container found in Boswell and Trails apartment in Wilber.

Brandle and Golyakova were eventually found – Brandle in Omaha and Golyakova in Lincoln. Both were interviewed.

On cross examination Defense Attorney Todd Lancaster asked how many times Golyakova was interviewed. Franken said four times. The first time they interviewed her she lied.

Franken also said Lincoln police set up a tip line that fielded an enormous amount of information. Eventually, Boswell and Trail posted videos on Facebook that led to the arrest of the pair in Missouri on Nov. 30th. More law enforcement officers are expected to be called to the stand to testify on Wednesday, September 30.

More Details Revealed During Boswell Murder Trial in District Court Tuesday.