SBPS Revamps COVID Protocols to Pandemic Emergency Response Plan

SBPS Revamps COVID Protocols to Pandemic Emergency Response Plan

As part of a continued prioritization of health and safety of students and staff Scottsbluff Public Schools reviewed all COVID-19 protocols at the end of the first semester and created a new Pandemic Emergency Response Plan (PREP) for second semester. 

The plan was developed using feedback collected from the Parent and Staff COVID-19 surveys administered in November as well as staff focus groups held in November in collaboration with area health advisers.

As with the Return to School Plan, the District continues to adhere to the same Guiding Principles and Desired Outcomes:


  1. Everyone, as well as everyone’s needs, ideas and perspectives, must be respected
  2. The health and safety of our students and of our staff are our most important priorities


  1. Keep kids healthy and in school
  2. Keep “frontline” safe 
  3. Keep parents working and help strengthen local economy

An overview of the changes you will find in this new plan are as follows:

  • This new plan recognizes that this pandemic has placed all of us in an “emergency response” mode very similar to how we might react to any crisis. Thus, the new name, “Pandemic Emergency Response Plan (PREP)” more directly mimics our detailed “All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan” already in place.
  • The most distinct change you’ll see is that we are no longer strictly categorizing our response into four distinct levels (green, yellow, orange and red). Instead, you’ll notice a gradient of colors across the top of each page that we have decided is a more accurate graphic representation of “real life.” This gradient more holistically reflects conditions in the area. You’ll also notice that the plan is divided into two areas – reducing and accelerating – which will allow us to factor in the importance of trend data.
  • And, finally, you will find a constantly updated “PREP at a Glance” section that opens this PREP. It is intended to provide an ongoing chronology of changes over time in a manner that will allow you to scroll back to review prior changes.

The District will continue to assess current community conditions and make updates to the “At a Glance” portion of the plan consistent with the goal of keeping schools open and students, staff and the community safe.  The detailed plan is available on the Scottsbluff Public Schools website at

SBPS Revamps COVID Protocols to Pandemic Emergency Response Plan