Sheep and Goat Market Report Week Ending 1-8

Sheep and Goat Market Report Week Ending 1-8

The first week of 2021 sheep and goat cash prices seemed to follow the broader commodity sector with higher prices. The regular USDA reporting sales showed significant volume of sheep and goats from the lighter December sales. Seasonally early in the year is a higher market for sheep and goats. Sheep and goats are still susceptible to the same market influences as other livestock markets. Higher feed costs will not go unnoticed, but long term this is likely to be beneficial to prices as producers will market lighter weights with little incentive to feed to heavier weights. Both Kansas and Nebraska weekly USDA hay reports showed decent movement of hay in the first week of the new year. Nebraska prices were steady with prices in December. Kansas noted a steady market on all, but alfalfa which saw a higher undertone on all classes. Currently there are no major ethnic holidays that call for sheep or goats. Passover/Pesach is coming up March 27-April 4. Easter is April 4th and Ramadan Month of Fasting is April 12-May 11.

Weekly sheep slaughter under federal inspection totaled 35,000 head on Friday. That was 1,000 head lighter than the same week the year prior. Lamb/mutton production under federal inspection for the week ending 1/8 totaled 2.2 million pounds. That was up 15.8% or 300,000 pounds from the previous week. Weekly lamb and mutton production was 8.3% or 200,000 pounds under the same week a year ago.

Sales Recap for week ending 1/8/2021:

Hamilton Commission Company in Hamilton Texas sold 1,217 head on Monday 1/4. They note the market was on fire to start the new year with buyers eager to get back in the seats. Hamilton called the  market $5-$10 higher for all species and livestock. Dorper and dorper cross lambs weighing 40-70 pounds brought $285-$350/cwt. Slaughter kids weighing 40-70 lbs brought $275-$360/cwt. Slaughter nannies in medium condition brought $130-$175/hd. Replacement quality nannies brought $180-$300/hd

Pawnee Oklahoma sheep and goat sale had 314 receipts for their Thursday 1/7 sale. Slaughter sheep/lambs and goats made up 90% of the sale. Wooled and shorn lambs weighing 115-130 pounds brought $171-$192.50/cwt. Good condition ewes were weighed up and brought $102-$113/cwt. Slaughter goats weighing 50-55 lbs brought $345-$392.50. Nannies in good conditions weighing 125-160 pounds brought $151-$190/cwt.

Producers Livestock San Angelo Texas saw a run of 3,405 head Wednesday 1/6. That compared to their last sale in mid December of 8,812 head. A year ago the sale ran 6,631 head through the ring. Given the time between sale dates a full market comparison wasn’t available, but trading was active and all classes of sheep and goats had a sharply higher undertone. Choice wooled and shorn slaughter lambs weighing 80-95 pounds brought $250-$272/cwt. Heavier choice lambs weighing 105-145 pounds brought between $140-$190/cwt. Choice hair breed slaughter lambs weighing 50-70 pounds brought $320-$358/cwt. Utility ewes in San Angelo brought $106-$130/cwt. Bucks were lightly tested, but brought $107-$116/cwt. Hair bucks brought $110-$162/cwt. Feeder goats were hard to come by in San Angelo, but a lot of 18 head that weighed 35 pounds brought $369/cwt. Slaughter kids weighing 40-60 pounds brought $328-$396/cwt. Heavy weight kids 80-110 pounds brought $270-$285/cwt. Nannies in good condition weighing 120-165 pounds brought $154-$202/cwt. Mature bucks weighing 120-170 pounds brought $200-$250/cwt.

Centennial Livestock Fort Collins Colorado sold 1,459 head on Wednesday 1/6. that was nearly 400 head more than their last 2020 sale on 12/15 and 311 head lighter than the sale the same week last year. Fort Collins saw a strong return of buyer demand coming off of 2 weeks of holidays. Feeder lambs weighting 75 pounds brought $262.5-$287.50/cwt. Wooled and shorn slaughter lambs weighing 90-135 pounds brought $200-$250/cwt. Hair breed slaughter lambs weighing 80-105 pounds brought $222.50-$270/cwt. Ewes in good condition weighing 140-170 pounds brought $82.50-$135/cwt (heavier ewes brought the bigger money). Light rams weighing 130-135 pounds brought $142.50-$165/cwt. Heavier rams weighing 185-330 pounds brought $85-$155/cwt. Slaughter kids weighing 50-65 pounds brought $165-$232. Wether weighing 100-145 pounds brought $280-$345/cwt. A few wethers weighing 170 brought $405/cwt. Does in good condition 85-120 pounds brought $195-$210/cwt.

Kalona Iowa sheep and goat sale featured 729 head on Wednesday 1/6. Again no comparison given their last sale was 12/16. Trade was active though with strong buying demand for sheep and goats. Slaughter lambs weighing 80-135 pounds brought $188-$277.50/cwt. Hair breed slaughter lambs weighing 60-90pounds brought $240-$327.50/cwt. Slaughter kids weighing 55-70 pounds brought $165-$220/cwt. Wethers weighing  60-80 pounds brought $200-$240/cwt on limited numbers. 3 wethers weighing 137 brought $283/cwt.

Clay Patton recaps the report here: