Joe Swash says he hasn’t been alone with Stacey Solomon for a YEAR because of lockdown and four kids

JOE Swash hasn’t had much alone time with new fiancee Stacey Solomon since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old star said the loved-up pair have not been alone together because of living in lockdown with their brood of kids.


Joe Swash admitted he hasn’t had any alone time with Stacey Solomon in a year[/caption]

Joe is dad to Harry, 13, from a previous relationship and lives in his Essex with Stacey their son, Rex, 20 months and her sons Zachary, 12, and Leighton, eight.

Speaking on Lockdown Parenting Hell podcast he said: “There’s never not a kid in the house.”

Joe has Harry about 40 per cent of the time including over the weekends, which means while Leighton and Zachary are off with their dads, there are always kids at home.

Podcast hosts Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe asked when Joe and Stacey last had the house to themelves “just the two of you”.


Living in lockdown with four kids, means the famous couple hardly ever gets time to themselves[/caption]


Even when Stacey’s two oldest boys are with their dads, it’s when Joe is looking after his oldest son, Harry[/caption]

“It’s got to be about a year ago, restrictions have f****d things up,” Joe said and the hosts laughed.

He admitted trying to get his mum up to look after Rex so he and Stacey could be alone, but lockdown has prevented it.

“The thing about lockdown is, if I was a single person, I’d f****ng love this. It would be great doing nothing,” Joe joked.

“But I think in lockdown, Stacey and I have been busier than ever.’

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Harry, 13, is Joe’s oldest son from a previous relationship and Rex, 20 months, is his son with Stacey[/caption]

He admitted that if he could have some time with Stacey, he would

Despite their big “blended family” Joe wants to have more kids with Stacey and wants to try for a girl.

The ex-EastEnders actor revealed that he “100 per cent” wants another baby, but would stop having kids if he and Stacey had a girl.

The TV star said: “Rex has lulled us into a false of security. He was a perfect baby. 


Joe proposed to Stacey on Christmas Eve[/caption]

“He made things so easy. I definitely want one more I think. I definitely 100 per cent would like one more.


Stacey said yes and is planning their wedding for this summer[/caption]