Woman shares gadget which paints door frames & skirting boards in seconds with NO mess & you can grab it on Amazon

PAINTING may seem like an easy task, but making sure the edges are straight can be tricky. 

If you’re grappling with masking tape and getting splotches everywhere, it turns out there’s a much simpler way to revamp your walls. 


Let’s face it the prep work before you start painting is the most time-consuming part[/caption]

A DIY fan shared a clip to TikTok raving about a nifty gadget, showing herself gliding down the wall with ease.

The simple design allows you to paint skirting boards and door frames without any messy spills, which has been dubbed a ‘game changer’. 

The woman, called Kirsty, was able to get the edges done in just a few minutes, while achieving perfectly straight lines.

In shock, Kirsty asked: “Where has this been all my life?”


But one woman has revealed how to get smooth edges in seconds[/caption]


The gadget allows you to paint around door frames and skirting boards with ease[/caption]

Thousands of people have watched the clip, annoyed at how much time they’d wasted using tape and precision brush strokes.

Commenting on the clip, one person said: “We could have done with this.”

Someone else wrote: “I don’t even want to think about how much time this would have saved us.”

A third thought: “Fantastic lines hun who needs a man.”

The product is called the Shur Line paint Edger, and it costs just £11.74 on Amazon – with free delivery.


The nifty gadget is available on Amazon, and it has hundreds of five-star reviews[/caption]

  • Shur-line Premium Ceiling & Trim Paint Edger, Amazon, £11.74 – Amazon

It’s got hundreds of five-star reviews, as another DIY fan shared their top tips for ensuring a smooth finish.

She wrote: “My partner loves this gadget but there’s a rather clever way to use it to get the best results.

“Do NOT dip your pad directly into paint, use a paint brush to put the paint on.

“And don’t put it on thick, never apply right to the edge of pad the paint will find it own way there and finally keep cleaning the wheels often.”