Minneapolis firefighter Genevieve Hansen caused a social media sensation as she testified in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, and fended off defense attorney Eric Nelson’s attempts to impeach her.

Hansen testified for an hour and a half at day two of the Chauvin trial, one of several star witnesses for the prosecution that day, about the officers’ refusal to allow her to give medical assistance to Floyd. But Hansen’s cutting rejoinders to Nelson’s various insinuations about her testimony earned her a flood of reactions on Twitter — as well as a rebuke from Judge Peter Cahill.

Many journalists, media figures, and others saw Nelson’s questioning as sexist, and most saw Hansen’s testimony as devastating to the defense.

Hansen will resume her testimony Wednesday morning following a scolding by the judge for “arguing” with “the court” and with Nelson.

Watch Hansen’s testimony above via Washington Post Live.

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