On the eve of the last day of the current iteration of CNN’s New Day, co-host John Berman surprised his soon-to-be departing co-anchor Alisyn Camerota with a segment dedicated to their partnership over the past three years. Camerota is moving to an afternoon hour to co-host a show with Victor Blackwell, while Brianna Keilar is moving to mornings.

To be candid, the narrated segment was actually dedicated to the daily ritual of Camerota’s texting Berman shots of her wardrobe for the day, so that he could coordinate appropriately. But it was really about natural and consistent chemistry these two shared, and each will surely miss.

Berman was named to replace Chris Cuomo as co-anchor of CNN’s morning show in March of 2018 after filling in for him numerous times. And right off the bat, Camerota and Berman shared an easy rapport. Both showed intelligence with fluency on a myriad of news topics on the daily, but it was the quick-witted humor and comedic timing that really set them apart.

The idea of the show that they each wanted to host was very much in sync with each other. And the balance of when to focus on the very serious nature of so many topics, and when to give each other a little ribbing, made for a fun, informative watch. And this wasn’t Camerota being the straight man to Berman jokes…she gave as good as she got.

But on this, the penultimate episode of Camerota’s stint as host of New Day, Berman demonstrated the delightfully-twisted brain of his through an homage of rainbow texts of strange and disconnected body parts from Camerota, and in his self-effacing manner, for which he warned CNN HR that he may actually be in trouble (not really).

Camerota was genuinely surprised and moved by the touching, funny, and yes, delightfully-weird montage. A fitting farewell for cable news’s answer to Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

Watch above via CNN.

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