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The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) homepage currently includes a prechecked recurring donation box, which if unchecked, will allegedly force the committee to tell Donald Trump that “you’re a DEFECTOR” and have sided with the Democratic party.

The Bulwark’s Tim Miller reported on the NRCC’s questionable fundraising strategy, noting that they are asking supporters to sign up for Trump’s currently nonexistent social network alongside a prechecked donation box that would double the original amount given, and make it a monthly charge.

“I’m sure there’s some formal legal difference between the NRCC tricking someone into signing up for a nonexistent social media site—and then having a default box opting them into both double their pledged amount and make it recurring—and the criminal advance-fee scams made famous by the imaginary Nigerian princes,” Miller wrote. “But as a moral matter, the difference is awfully hard to suss out.”

Another prechecked donation box on the NRCC’s website shames supporters into donating by threatening to tell Trump if they don’t. The NRCC is a Republican party committee that has no affiliation with the former president.

“We need to know we haven’t lost you to the Radical Left,” reads the statement alongside the prechecked box. “If you UNCHECK this box, we will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR & sided with the Dems. CHECK this box and we can win back the House and get Trump to run in 2024.”

There is a second box, which allows supporters to donate automatically on April 15th, which reads, “The Dems have already reached their mid-month fundraising goal. If you want Trump to run for president this is your LAST chance to FLIP the House. Change your Trump Victory Fund Status to ACTIVE now! Remain inactive = Republicans lose.”

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