CNN’s Van Jones commended the testimony of a medical expert in the Derek Chauvin trial Thursday and said Congress should be watching all of this.

Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonologist, gave methodical, detailed testimony Thursday on George Floyd’s cause of death. He said that Floyd “died from a low level of oxygen” and said in no uncertain terms, “A healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to.”

Jones recalled the significant testimony of police chief Medaria Arradondo and said, “That’s from the police point of view. What about the medical point of view? I think what was so powerful about [Tobin] was he was just so straightforward, he so matter of fact. He confirmed in so many ways what common sense told you, what the people who were standing out there screaming and crying told you, what the whole world saw — this man died because he was not able to breathe. He was telling the truth when he said I can’t breathe.”

CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers agreed Tobin was an “excellent witness.”

At one point Jones said that Congress should be watching this trial and all of the powerful, emotional testimony:

“It’s very emotionally devastating for people. Some people stop watching, they start watching again. I get text messages all day long from people talking about how hard this is. Do you know who I hope is watching? I hope that Congress is watching. None of the stuff you’re seeing here — this is not a federal case. This is a state case. The chokehold should be banned, period. Cops should be required to intervene, period. There’s a lot of legal questions that are coming up that Congress could make sure this doesn’t happen again. I hope that Congress gets involved.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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