CNN’s Fareed Zakaria closed his program Sunday with a moving tribute to his mother Fatma Zakaria, who passed away from covid-related complications at 85.

“If there’s a single person most responsible for who I am today, and the things that I have achieved in the world, large or small, it’s my mother,” he said.

Zakaria got very personal sharing his mother’s story with viewers, including her years and years of work as a journalist.

“The greatest sign of her love for her children was that she encouraged all of us to go to America for college, even though she knew that it could well mean we could end up staying here.”

Zakaria told viewers that because, due to the pandemic, he could not see his mother in India one last time before she passed, “I thought I might take this opportunity and say: goodbye, ma. I love you.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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