Fox & Friends is not impressed that President Joe Biden’s proposed $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill will “only” lead to 2.7 million new jobs. This from the same morning show that has long lamented over 10,000 jobs have been lost by Biden’s executive order effectively ending the Keystone pipeline.

At issue is Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s attempt to clarify how the “American Jobs Plan” will lead to national job growth during a Sunday appearance with Chris Wallace. Buttigieg had to walk back comments he previously made that the bill will lead to 19 million jobs. An expected post-pandemic economic boom should lead to 16.3 million jobs in the next few years, which means the infrastructure bill will be responsible for creating 2.7 million additional jobs.

Brian Kilmeade first derided the bill by noting how 10 to 30 percent of the bill is for infrastructure, “The rest is Green New Deal agenda items.” He added, “The problem with this whole bill, fundamentally, is the economy is accelerating. The economy is improving. There is no need for emergency spending outside these projects.”

After playing a clip of Buttigieg admitting the need for more precise language, the Fox & Friends hosts “pounced.”

“So, not as many jobs as they promised if the economy’s already gonna create 16 million. This is only gonna create 2.7 million.” Ainsley Earhardt said. Steve Doocy concurred while insinuating that Joe Biden isn’t rushing to take credit for recent job growth because it would undermine the president’s efforts to sell the necessity of the bill.

Fox & Friends’ criticisms for the American Jobs Plan come after they devoted a great deal of negative coverage to the Biden administration’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline. That decision is thought to have eliminated 11,000 jobs (which pales in comparison to the plan’s 2.7 million), but Carley Shimkus held a field segment in Arkansas where she spoke to laid-off workers who’ve failed to see new jobs materialize.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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