Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera got in a very heated argument Monday night over policing in the wake of the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

Rivera started by telling Sean Hannity the shooting “was an act of grotesque negligence.”

“You can’t reach for your taser and take out your 9 mm and shoot somebody and expect everybody to go kumbaya,” Rivera said. “This was horrible. There’s a situation in this country now where I swear to God and I’m speaking with deep experience, too many Black mothers are more fearful of the police that they are of crooks when their sons go out. A 20-year-old should not end up dead because of an expired registration.”

Rivera said he has a lot of respect for cops and is friends with cops, but said there’s a clear “gulf between how a regular white family reacts and how a Black family reacts.”

Hannity jumped in and said he agrees “there are people that should never be cops,” but said it’s a slim one percent.

Bongino started to tell Rivera that he can’t base his opinion on going to dinner with a police captain, and Rivera jumped in and said, “Don’t start minimizing my experience!”

“Can you shut up for two seconds?!” Bongino shouted back.

Rivera said he’s trying to undermine his own experience. “I’m an expert witness tonight!”

“I’m tired of this guy, he never shuts up!” Bongino exclaimed.

He went on to say Rivera doesn’t know anything about actual policing, and said “we don’t have all the facts” on Wright’s killing. Bongino took umbrage at Rivera “injecting race into this.”

“You’re making me the issue again!” Rivera cried. “Don’t you have an argument to make the doesn’t concern me?”

“I’m responding to your dopey comments!” Bongino said. “You have no idea that there’s a racial undertone to this at all. And you’re saying, ‘Oh, Black parents have to worry because…’ You have no data to back that up at all! You’re just further inflaming the situation, and the country will burn to the ground because of people like you who say dumb things like that with no evidence to back it up.”

“How about people like you that don’t credit the humanity of half the country?!” Rivera shot back. “They are running scared and they are scared of cops!”

“Stop pontificating and produce some actual data. You’re a reporter, right?” Bongino said.

Rivera brought up the killings of both Wright and George Floyd and told Bongino, “Talk to the mothers! Talk to the mothers of African-Americans!”

“You’re doing the emotional thing again. You can’t produce facts,” Bongino said.

“You think all of this rage, Black Lives Matter, you think all this happened, defund the police, all this happened because of some fanciful liberal notion? It didn’t. It happened because of the pain!” Rivera said.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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