CNN’s New Day co-anchor Briana Keilar laced into former President Donald Trump and Fox News prime time host Sean Hannity after an interview between the two aired Monday night. Both host and subject took turns deriding President Joe Biden, which Keilar openly mocked as a “mean girl group chat.”

Long-time Mediaite readers know that intra-cable snarking is never not a post, and as a midday host, Keilar developed a reputation for surgically taking apart her cable news competition, particularly those on Fox News. She appears to have brought that talent to New Day, where she is now co-anchor as of this week.

In the event CNN viewers needed a clue of how the segment would go, the chyron of the segment read “Fox, Trump Play Greatest Hits as Band Reunites Post-Presidency,” which was not an unfair portrayal of a largely fawning interview that threw off little news.

What was most noteworthy was how hard Hannity tried to bait the former president to criticize the current president, who the Fox News host is absolutely convinced is in serious mental decline. Biden’s unfortunate slipping while climbing stairs to Air Force One was used as evidence, and in fairness to Trump, he didn’t really take the bait that much.

“If there is anything newsworthy from this mean girl group chat, it is Donald Trump telling his skeptical supporters whose vaccine hesitancy may prevent the U.S. From reaching herd immunity in the non-mass casualty way to get vaccinated,” Keilar noted as she pivoted to the one truly newsworthy moment as we reported Monday night.

Watch above via CNN.


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