The suspected gunman who opened fire at a Long Island Stop & Shop on Tuesday has been identified as Gabriel DeWitt Wilson, according to MSNBC.

While DeWitt Wilson fled the scene following the shooting, MSNBC’s Rehema Ellis reported that he has since been apprehended.

“That’s where this all happened earlier this morning around the 11:30 hour,” Ellis said, pointing to the West Hempstead Stop & Shop. “To your point, there were three people shot, a 49-year-old employee was killed, two other people were wounded when a gunman opened fire in the manager’s office of the Stop & Shop — the supermarket. Police say the suspect was a 30-year-old Gabriel DeWitt, described as wearing all black, including a black baseball cap.”

Ellis also played footage of a cashier saying they saw DeWitt Wilson leave the supermarket after the shooting. He was at large for hours but has since been taken into police custody.

While describing the incident, the cashier claimed to have heard six gunshots, adding that she later saw someone get taken out of the supermarket in a stretcher.

Ellis described the incident as an “all too familiar scene” in the United States, noting that many people had to leave the supermarket with their empty hands raised, as the suspect had initially escaped.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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