Fox’s Outnumbered laid into CNN’s Chris Cuomo over comments he made regarding the police, gun laws, and the deaths of “white people’s kids” during his show on Friday.

This latest Cuomo controversy began when he said that changes to policing and gun laws will only come once white children are being murdered – to the apparent exclusion of Sandy Hook and Parkland. On Monday night, Cuomo stood by his comments, refining them to be an observation about people in “suburbs” facing the “same fate” as “black kids.”

The segment began with a clip from that Friday show, to which host Harris Faulker reacted with “oh my goodness!” Faulker then played the clip from the Monday night Cuomo broadcast, which she responded to with “Oh, my gosh!”

“He meant what he said,” Faulkner began. “And no one uses the ‘R’ word against him? He thinks there are no black people in the suburbs! I’m going to use the ‘i’ word, he is straight up ignorant!”

Faulkner is saying “R-word” to refer to the word “racist,” as in she can’t believe no one is calling Cuomo a racist for his commentary.

Faulker turned to Fox contributor Lawrence B. Jones III, saying “There are black people in the suburbs. What is he talking about?”

“I reject the premise of his conversation because it’s just factually not true,” said Jones, who then described his own experiences and added some context.

Fox’s Tomi Lahren then asked when “CNN and Chris Cuomo, in particular, are going to be outraged about all the violence that’s happening in inner-city communities around the country,” then rapid-fire ranted that Cuomo and Black Lives Matter and Rep. Maxine Waters would be sending a message of “compliance” if they really cared about saving black lives.

“Race, race, race,” said Lahren. “Let’s also focus on the actions of the suspect and the victim, and say hey listen, there are bad apples out there in the policing community, but if you comply you will go home safe to your community at night. That needs to be the message, not one of martyrdom for resisting arrest.”

“This is amazing,” Kayleigh McEnany added. “Chris Cuomo needs to take a hard look in the mirror, because he also said in his clean up of these comments, or double down if you will, he said look this has brought out some of the worst and most divisive rhetoric out of us, this incident and these racial tensions. Well, he’s one of the chief perpetrators of that!”

“He said ‘who says protests have to be peaceful?’ Those were words from the mouth of Chris Cuomo before making further incendiary remarks,” said McEnany. “We all need to step back and say how is my rhetoric contributing to the conversation.”

Watch the clip above from Fox News.

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