On Monday night, The Daily Show released shocking, never-before-seen footage from the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, as correspondent and frequent MAGA rally goer Jordan Klepper was on the ground that day.

Before getting to the big day, The Daily Show special, Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse – Into The MAGAverse, aired footage from past rallies, Klepper narrating and reflecting on his wild, MAGA filled 2020.

Klepper’s special concluded with footage from the insurrection, showing viewers what the day looked like “from the point of view of a guy who was just there to find some laughs.”

Remembering the wild and tense atmosphere, Klepper said he began feeling unnerved the night before, as he heard Donald Trump supporters pushing conspiracy theories in the lobby of his hotel.

On the “awful day of insurrection,” one of the first people Klepper spoke to was “a man acting unhinged with a pitchfork.”

“This is a warning! We can mobilize a million people in any city in this country now. Make no mistake, that’s the situation,” said the man with the pitchfork, earning a “that’s right man!” from a passerby.

Klepper later interacted with some other protesters who insisted that they had been organized and civil regarding their support for Trump, but now it was time to take action.

That’s when the correspondent saw the demonstrators begin to venture closer to the Capitol — jumping fences, embankments, and bleachers surrounding the building.

“Everyone turned into field generals, most of them wearing sweatshirts you buy at airports when you get cold waiting to board your flight,” Klepper cracked, adding that the MAGA rioters were “a mix of the scary and the absurd.”

The “scary” category encompassed those who preached violence — spewing threats as they marched to the Capitol building, sometimes with weapons in hand.

“If they don’t hear our voices today, they’ll hear our muskets tomorrow,” one rioter in a camouflage “Trump” hat and a matching puffer jacket cried out — marking himself as one of the “scaries.”

Then there were the “absurd,” such as the person riding around in a Segway — which prompted Klepper to ask, “Are you afraid, if you run out of batteries for ‘the last stand,’ that you’ll be thwarted?”

“Good luck, I hope you don’t run into bumpy terrain or stairs,” Klepper added as the Segway rider drove away.

Just like many who were witnesses at the Capitol that day, Klepper told viewers that he was “shocked but not surprised,” as “the last 14 months tipped it pretty good.”

“The total distrust of facts and information. The cult-like devotion, not to their country or ideals, but to a person. Of course they were gonna get here,” Klepper added before the sound of something firing went off.

That’s when Klepper and his team decided to leave — when they heard the shot — as the best place for those working for a comedy show to be amid a violent insurrection is “the quiet car of an Acela rushing back to New York City.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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