KELLY Neelan is arrested for Nina and Seb’s hate crime next week in Coronation Street – as her mother Laura returns. 

Kelly will spark a brutal attack against Nina and Seb this week at the hands of Corey and his gang.

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Kelly is arrested for the attack against Seb and Nina

The horrific assault will leave the couple fighting for their lives in hospital.

Next week, Corey orders Asha to give him an alibi for the night of the attack.

Kelly, meanwhile, fails to cover her tracks and is arrested.

Toyah is stunned when the police arrive at the builder’s yard flat and arrest Kelly.

Later, after Kelly is released, she heads to find Corey and begs him to tell the police everything. 

Stefan tells her to get lost, before making sure Corey knows he has to cut ties with her.

Toyah and Imran plead with Kelly to tell the police everything she knows. 

Kelly’s mum Laura turns up and tells Toyah she’s taking her back

But their efforts are to no avail when Kelly’s mum Laura shows up and tells her daughter to keep shtum. 

Laura then drops the bombshell that she wants her daughter back – much to Toyah’s dismay.

When Imran tells Kelly that the police want to have another word with her, Laura insists he isn’t going to be involved and drags her away. 

Kelly urges Corey to tell the police the truth

Corey’s dad Stefan orders him to cut all ties with Kelly

But when Imran does some digging and discovers that Laura has only turned up because her boyfriend has kicked her out, she gives in a bit and lets him sit in on the interview. 

After Corey orders Asha to make sure Amy doesn’t blab, she heads to meet up with Amy but they’re interrupted by Dev. 

Dev explains he’s worried about Asha and that he doesn’t think it’s wise for her to live with Corey, a prime suspect in Nina’s attack. 

Nina struggles with her injuries from the attack

Before Amy goes, she urges Asha to stop covering for Corey.

Meanwhile, Nina struggles to come to terms with her injuries in hospital. 

Roy finds Nina packing a bag but, when she announces she’s discharging herself and heading back to the scene of the crime to try and jog her memory, Roy urges her to stay in hospital. 

Meanwhile, a police officer calls round at Abi’s to say they’ve charged someone and that it would seem the attack was triggered by Nina’s appearance.