EMMERDALE’S Liv Flaherty will get caught secretly drinking vodka by Vinny Dingle.

Next week, teenager Liv will be tempted by alcohol again in the aftermath of Paul Ashdale’s death.

Liv Flaherty drinks her troubles away

Guilt-ridden Liv still reels from Paul’s death

Liv feels like she could have done more to try and save him after the crash.

Liv freezes a little when Vinny tells her his therapy sessions have left him with more questions about the past.

Sensing this worries Liv, Vinny wonders what’s really going on with her.

Later, at the christening, Liv feels utterly lost and takes another drink of vodka to numb the pain.

Liv feels like she could have done more to save Paul

Vinny’s shocked to discover Liv covertly drinking and sees she’s at breaking point.

Will Vinny find out the true extent of her drinking and will Liv be able to tell Vinny the truth about what really happened with Paul?

Liv has been left feeling guilty over Paul’s death as she was with Paul when Jimmy King accidentally crashed his truck into the wedding barn last month.

While she initially attempted to save Paul after he was trapped in the wreckage from the crash, Liv ultimately gave up her attempts to free him as she felt little sympathy for the villain.

Liv continues to hide her guilt from Vinny

Meanwhile, Cain’s suspicious when a woozy Kim offers to check in on Lydia who’s still distraught over all the rumours circulating about her.

At Frankie’s christening, tensions mount between the Dingles and Pollard and Tracy, having had enough of the day’s stresses and tensions asks Pollard to take her home.

Marlon tries to lay down the law to his prospective new tenants but he’s already on the back foot.

Emmerdale continues Wednesday at 7pm on ITV.