President Joe Biden revoking the Keystone XL pipeline permit but allowing Vladimir Putin to create “an energy monopoly with our NATO allies” is “totally absurd, backwards thinking,” Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., lamented Thursday on Newsmax.

“The one pipeline that Joe Biden did green light was the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to benefit Russia,” Cramer, a member of the Senate Armed Services and Budget committees, told “Spicer & Co.

“Totally absurd, backwards thinking.”

The Keystone XL pipeline developer has pulled the plug on the project this week, but Cramer remains steadfast in holding the Biden administration accountable for it revoking the pipeline’s permit, introducing the Defending Keystone Jobs Act on Wednesday, which would force the administration to report on the American jobs lost due to the revocation.

Cramer admitted to host Sean Spicer the bill is likely dead on arrival in the House and the Senate, because of lack of climate-change concerned Democrats’ support, but the American people still need transparency.

“Even making a point sometimes can make a difference, and I think this is an important point worth making,” said Cramer, who also wrote a bill in the House during the Obama administration to rebuke the declining of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline was proposed in 2008 to bring oil from Canada’s Western tar sands to U.S. refiners, and was intended to unlock affordable American energy and help maintain the Trump administration’s achievement of American energy independence.

“At a time [when] we’re trying to stimulate the economy with a large infrastructure package,” Cramer noted, “we’ll, here’s one that doesn’t cost the taxpayer a penny, don’t have to raise anybody’s taxes, don’t have to borrow any money.

“You just have to let the private sector and private capital follow the demand. Unfortunately, that’s not how the Biden administration sees it.”

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