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Teen Mom Jade Cline looks unrecognizable after plastic surgery makeover with slimmer face and blue eyes

TEEN Mom Jade Cline looked unrecognizable after her plastic surgery makeover with a slimmer face and blue eyes.

The reality TV star recently underwent a Brazilian butt lift, where she had fat removed from her neck and stomach and transferred to her buttocks.


Jade Cline looked unrecognizable in a new videoCredit: Instagram/@jadecline_

Jade, 24, took to Instagram stories to share a TikTok video where she rocked blonde hair and blue eyes.

Despite the usage of a filter being obvious, she looked radically different after some serious weight loss.

The mom of one has not been shy about showing off her new bod on social media as she recently showed off some serious cleavage.


She looks very different in her pictures from her presence on the showCredit: MTV


Jade has a three year old daughterCredit: Instagram/@jadecline_

Jade is the mother of three-year-old daughter Kloie, whom she shares with ex Sean Austin.

As she got more candid about her plastic surgery, Jade revealed she had liposuction on her neck earlier this month.

She told one viewer, who asked her if her doctor “really did a chin removal:” “I didn’t have anything done to my face.

Just some lipo on my neck, like underneath my jaw.”


Jade recently underwent plastic surgeryCredit: MTV


she admitted to feeling unbearable painCredit: MTV


Jade is showing off new figure on social mediaCredit: Instagram @jadecline_

Back in January, Teen Mom 2 cameras filmed her before and after she had a Brazilian butt lift.

In a preview clip for an upcoming episode, the bandaged star was wheeled out of the hospitals in gray sweatpants and a tee that hid the compression bodysuit underneath that is needed after a Brazilian butt lift.

She also had a bandage around her head, following the doctors extracting fat from her neck.

After a few hours, she was rushed back to the hospital as she cried out: “I’m in excruciating pain!

The Brazilian butt lift done is a procedure that requires transferring fat from other parts of the body and into the buttocks to create an hourglass figure.

Just days ago, Jade admitted that she felt unbearable pain when she got the surgery.

When a fan asked how tolerable the pain was after the procedure on a scale of one to 10, the Young and Pregnant alum replied “20.”

Jade also confirmed that she paid for the surgery herself answering the question by simply writing “Yes.”


Jade had opened up about feeling unhappy with her body
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