Vladimir Putin will “smell weakness” on Joe Biden, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said as the two meet today for the first time as leaders.

Biden and Putin are preparing for a crunch showdown in Geneva, Switzerland, which is predicted to be tense and a return to the uneasy status quo between the US and Russia.

Donald Trump ally Pompeo – who is expected to be a Republican presidential candidate in 2024 – has said he expects the former KGB spook to sniff out weakness on Biden.

His predecessor Trump tried hard to project a strongman image, while Biden, 78, is perceived much more as America’s lovable – but bumbling – uncle.

“The fact that you are not prepared to stand six or eight feet from your adversary and tell the world what you talked about, the things you care about, and why you care about them, shows an enormous weakness,” Pompeo told Fox News.

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