Making Juneteenth a federal holiday received overwhelming bipartisan support, and the legislation was co-sponsored by staunch Republican Senator John Cornyn. There were, however, 14 Republicans in the House of Representatives who ultimately voted against it.

One of those Republicans, Congressman Ralph Norman (R- SC) appeared on Fox News Radio Thursday and defended that vote an an interview with Jimmy Failla.

Juneteenth was already recognized as a holiday in a number of states, commmorating the emancipation of slaves in the U.S.

In the segment, first flagged by CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, Norman objected to the holiday being called Juneteenth National Independence Day because “there’s one Fourth of July, theres one birthday this — Independence Day is Fourth of July.”

He even called it an “easy no”:

How many holidays do we want? What’s the magic number? This would put it to 11. Do we want 20? Are we gonna do one for the Native American Indians? I mean, where does it stop? This was such an easy no vote.

In tweets Wednesday defending his vote, Norman also invoked the cost.

You can listen to Norman’s comments above.

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