According to Foster, typically the center sees patients who have burned their feet by doing innocuous activities such as running to the mailbox with no shoes on, not realizing how hot the ground outside is.

The most serious injuries, he said, result from people falling on the hot ground as they’re out in the sun.

The most commonly affected group are the elderly, who either trip or collapse as a result of dehydration or an underlying medical condition.

Also at risk are people who are impaired by substance abuse or those who have suffered some form of traumatic injury.

“All it takes is going down for a short period of time and the inability to get up and you end up with somebody with not only deep burn, but oftentimes a burn that covers a fair amount of the body’s surface area,” Foster told CNN.

Last year, Foster said the center treated 85 patients for burns caused by hot pavements. Of those 85, 30 percent required ICU care and 20 percent were put onto medical ventilators.

Seven of the patients died from their injuries, Foster said.