Photo via Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender has previewed a new excerpt of his upcoming book on Donald Trump’s last months in office, and it has details on how the former president mocked Democratic candidates during the 2020 election primaries.

Bender’s book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, has generated a great deal of media focus lately with a number of juicy details it holds on the former president’s time in office. Fox News obtained a new portion of the book with a number of quotes from Trump when he was reportedly ridiculing his Democratic rivals and their debate performances

“Trump then started offering his own color commentary,” Bender wrote, according to the excerpt. “[Michael] Bloomberg was smart, but not quick. [Joe] Biden had an awful facelift. Bernie [Sanders] was sharp, and [Elizabeth] Warren was nasty but a good debater.”

Bender reports that Trump would frequently ask people how they felt about Bloomberg, expressing a certain “anxious” feeling about the former New York City mayor and businessman. There was one reported moment though when Trump seemed delighted as he watched Warren corner Bloomberg during one of their debates together.

The climax for Trump was Bloomberg melting down when rivals, led by Warren, skewered him over his history of sexual harassment allegations and past support for stop-and-frisk policing. Trump crowed at every stammer he saw on-screen. “He stutters like Biden!” Trump said.

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