Gothenburg, NE (July 21, 2021) – Country Partners Cooperative is pleased to announce a special equity redemption of
$5.1 million in total of member equities. “Country Partners Coop’s board of directors has made it a priority to have a
robust equity redemption plan. This large redemption on top of the last 5 year’s redemptions brings the total equities
redeemed to just under $18.5 million” according to the cooperative’s CEO and General Manager E. Tod Clark. He also
stated, “We owe our success to the loyal patronage of our member owners. Equity management, including equity
redemption, is strictly at the Board of Directors’ discretion, and thus, can change depending upon the earnings and
financial needs of the company. Anything that we do in terms of equity management takes solid financial earnings.”

Chairman of the Board Tim Rowe says, “Country Partners Board of Directors is proud to announce a large equity
redemption, reflecting the Board’s commitment to operate Country Partners in the truest cooperative fashion. We are
proud to serve so many producers across central Nebraska and thank them for their continued business.”

The Country Partners Board of Directors is pleased to take this next step in its equity retirement program. In addition to
continually investing in facilities and equipment to meet producers’ needs, the cooperative realizes the importance of an equity redemption plan that brings value to member owners.