November 30, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Broncos Fit 7k runners tackle charity fundraising, score with stadium finish

It was a race to the finish, starting at Empower Field at Mile High, winding west through Sloan’s Lake Park, and back into the stadium. Runners laced up their sneakers Sunday morning for the 10th Annual Broncos Fit 7k, braving the heat to support our team. 

“We are just natives of Colorado and love the Broncos,” said Tina Gonzales.

“Love the Broncos. Come out here and have some fun. Lose some pounds,” added Chris Niyork.


credit: CBS

The race also gave Coloradans a chance to run onto the field, just like all the greats.

“It’s a little intimidating and overwhelming. You get to the 50-yard line and you’re just in awe. All the magnificent players and talent that have been through there,” said Niyork. 

“It feels real empowering to run through the same tunnel that your home team runs through,” Gonzales echoed.


credit: CBS

As a part of the Broncos’ Fit Initiative, the 7k benefits Denver Broncos Charities, supporting local organizations like Children’s Hospital Colorado and UCHealth.

“It always feels good to help with the community – doing community service and be supportive of all the charities,” said Gonzales.


credit: CBS

Broncos Country says the goals are simple this season.

“What are you most looking forward to?” CBS News Colorado’s Mekialaya White asked Niyork. 

“A win!” he exclaimed.

Source: Rocky Mountain News