Callaway sales tax and low interest business loan program to be discussed Fri morning


    The community of Callaway currently collects a 1% sales tax that is directed towards business development in the community.  Callaway Economic Developer Amber Harrison explains that it is mostly distributed in the form of low interest business loans ranging from 0% to 2% interest.   Harrison says the purpose is “drawing in new businesses and then also supporting our businesses that are already here and making sure that they are thriving in the community.” She continues that it gives business an opportunity financially that they wouldn’t have without the opportunity to have that fund.

Harrison says past uses of the low interest business business loan program includes funds to open their business, acquire the building they are in , inventory, fix things they need to get fixed, job training, tourism and recreation.

    The current sales tax also provides for business exterior development and internships.

    The public is invited to a public meeting scheduled for 10:00am Friday in the Callaway Hospital conference room to explain more about the low interest business loan program.

    There will also be discussion on the November vote to renew the 1% sales tax and approve the economic development plan for how those funds could be used.   Harrison says the new economic development plan would expand the uses of the funds to include workforce housing and child care.

Source: Nebraska Regional News

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