February 3, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Elwood community leaders raise funds for a veterans memorial

Gosper County, Neb. — Groups, organizations and volunteers are going to work together to build a veterans memorial in Elwood in the next year or two and are seeking donations from the public to help make it happen. Katy Weissert of Elwood, a member of the Elwood Community Redevelopment Authority Board (Elwood CRA) says the idea for the project surfaced about a year ago from an Elwood CRA board member who noted many communities in the area either have a veterans memorial or are working on putting one up and the board felt it would be a good way to showcase Elwood veterans and those from the surrounding area.

Weissert offered a few of the proposed details — “We’re looking at having three monuments centered in the middle, it will be all concrete and there will be a parking space so people can come and look at the monument, sit at the monument.We’ll have benches and there will be a nice fence around it. We’ve been thinking about having a directory so that it’s all online so you can look at it there.”

Weissert says the idea is evolving and the Elwood CRA is trying to get some bids so everyone knows what the project will cost. The memorial would be constructed just east of the intersection of Highways 23 & 283 near Ripley Ave. , north of the senior center. One way to donate is through “Give Big Elwood” on Nov. 10. Another way is to send your donation to the Village of Elwood and specify it for the veterans memorial. The address is: Village of Elwood, 304 Calvert Ave, Elwood, NE, 68937

Source: Nebraska Regional News