Exploring Montana | Expedition Overland Episode 15

The Croft family heads out on their own solo series for a much-needed month-long overlanding adventure in their home state of Montana. The trip starts in Yaak, Montana, a land of Sasquatches, trees, and beautiful rivers. Next, there is a very special place in Eureka, Montana, that Clay and Rachelle wish to share with their boys—as long as they can remember where to find it! And you won’t want to miss an up-close look at the co-stars of this adventure: a 2018 AEV Prospector, a Polaris General XP 1000, and a Patriot Campers TH610 Toy Hauler.

Expedition Overland – youtube.com/channel/UCiyiTqpss-ihtLHz-juFxIQ…
Source: The Epoch Times

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