August 5, 2020

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Health Care

Health Care

Healthy citizens are a high priority in Dawson County, and the communities work to ensure that their residents continue to receive top-notch medical attention.

Cozad Community Health System is a hospital that provides an array of health services in a modern facility. It is a 25-bed Critical Access hospital and certified as a Level I trauma center. The hospital’s radiology department has recently been enlarged to include CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound and mammography. There are two birthing rooms in the hospital and all nurses are trained in obstetrics by Methodist Hospital in Omaha. There is an outreach clinic that consists of 17 specialty physicians. The visiting surgeons also provide general orthopedic, urological and ophthalmic procedures for the Cozad Community Health System. The hospital has a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation area, a laboratory with new equipment updated in 2008, and a separate physical therapy building built in 2003. The physical therapy facility provides physical, occupational and massage therapy with access to a therapeutic pool. The Cozad medical clinic employs five primary care physicians. In 2006, a modern assisted living facility was completed. The Central Plains Home Health Agency located in Cozad celebrated its 36th anniversary and was honored as one of the top 500 elite home care agencies in the nation in 2007.

The Cozad Community Wellness Center, completed in 2000, is located adjacent to the high school. This facility is a three-way partnership between the hospital, the city and the Cozad public schools. It has an outstanding walking track, an up-to-date weight room, spinning and aerobic rooms and more. It also has a basketball court used jointly by the wellness clients and the adjacent high school. A meeting and media room are also available at this facility.

Gothenburg Memorial Hospital completed a $3.5 million, 7,460-square-foot addition and 15,850-square-foot renovation in 2004. It has 12 acute-care beds and 31 long-term care beds with 118 employees. The hospital has shifted its emphasis from inpatient to outpatient care due to changes in technology. Equipment available includes a Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) machine, an ultrasound machine, mammography equipment and ophthalmology services. Exam rooms are available for the 17 visiting specialists in urology; spinal surgery; ophthalmology; cardiac/pulmonary; orthopedics; ear, nose and throat and gynecology. There are enlarged areas for the laboratory and cardiac rehabilitation, two surgical rooms, two birthing rooms, an emergency room and an intensive care unit. Personnel includes 24-hour registered nurse coverage for acute care, a consulting dietician and a consultant for pathology services. A wellness center, which opened in 1997, makes it possible for people in and around the community to maintain and improve their physical health year-round using the up-to-date physical training equipment for a very nominal fee. A new rehabilitation center was added to the wellness center in 2007, which includes an aquatic therapy pool.

The heart of Lexington’s healthcare is in the 12,000-square-foot Plum Creek Medical Center. Here medical offices, imaging and emergency care are housed under one convenient roof. Residents will find everything they need, from family planning information to geriatrics. Lexington Regional Hospital, adjacent to the Plum Creek Medical Center is a 40-bed facility that employs 187 people. The hospital provides a site for laboratory services, emergency care, inpatient and outpatient surgery, delivery and newborn care and consulting services by specialists from around the state.