January 29, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

HHS Weight Room Expansion Completed

As of last week, the Holdrege High School weight room construction has been finished. The middle school and high school students have been able to enjoy a newly expanded area. The added space not only makes it possible to exercise comfortably, but it also offers new opportunity for the Strength and Speed program. Ground broke in April of this year and was finished nearly on schedule this month.

The 8,122 square foot space did not require any new equipment to fill, which outlines how small the original 2,027 square foot room was. Holdrege Public Schools Superintendent Todd Hilyard estimates over 200 students use the weight room each day. He says the larger size and new features make it possible to include the full strength and speed program in one area. The benefits go beyond the convenience of having everything in one place, however. Students will no longer need to use other areas around the high school which eliminates inconveniences for other staff members and students.

The relocated weights offers ample size for safe and comfortable lifting.

Adam Jantzi, the strength training coach, oversees the program and is the main supervisor of the weight room. Over the past few years, Jantzi has put together an extensive program that focuses on more than just student-athlete well-being. There has been a greater emphasis on proper-technique, better nutrition, and building exercise habits that go beyond high school. “While it is true that we want this facility to be a place where any parent feels that they can send their student-athlete and develop the maximum from their athletic ability.” Hilyard says. “We also want it to be a place where our students can learn how to become physically healthier and carry that knowledge and confidence to continue to have a healthy lifestyle long after high school.”

The initial cost of the facility was $965,000 and topped $1 million with the addition of the sprint track and field turf. The total cost was mostly funded by grants and federal covid money, leaving only a fifth of the budget coming from local tax payer money. Hilyard says it’s a great investment because the facility will be there for a long time while filling the school’s needs. The entire room is also bordered with diamond cut plates thanks to a donation from Allmand Brothers.

Field turf and a track were installed for easy access to speed and agility drills.

In addition to the added space, there have been other improvements. The inclusion of a track has made speed drills and timing tests easier and more efficient to conduct. The track measures a little over 40 yards with a garage door opening at the end for extra space. There is field turf provided for agility drills and work with weighted sleds. The weight room also features plenty of space for other types of workouts beyond weight training. There will no longer be a need to go elsewhere to work on speed or agility. When compared to schools of similar size, Hilyard believes the expansion moved Holdrege from the bottom 20 percent to the top 5 percent in terms of facility and equipment quality.

Source: Regional Sports