May 28, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

HK Falling out of Favor, Tries to Attract Tourists by Handing out 500,000 Air Tickets

The Hong Kong government launched its “Hello, Hong Kong!” large-scale publicity campaign on Feb. 2. One of the key items is to give out 500,000 free air tickets to all places around the world to lure overseas and mainland Chinese tourists to come.
Hong Kong used to be an international tourist attraction, but today it has ended up giving out free air tickets to attract tourists. Some commentators believe that since the National Security Law has totally ruined Hong Kong’s image, it could also reduce tourists’ desire to visit Hong Kong.
Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu personally took the center stage to explain the details of “Hello, Hong Kong!” at its inauguration ceremony on Feb. 2. He recorded promotional videos in English and Mandarin, with the theme “Tell the good stories of Hong Kong,” in which he called on tourists to experience Hong Kong’s “unique charm.”…
Source: The Epoch Times