February 1, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Hong Kong Journalists Association Chairman Arrested for ‘Obstructing Police Work’ and ‘Misconduct in Public’

On Sep 7, Chairperson of Hong Kong Journalist Association, and former Stand News Reporter, Ronson Chan Long-sing was arrested for ‘obstructing police’s work, and misconduct in public places while being on duty.
Chan was released on bail of HKD500 (approximately US$64) later at night but has to report back to the police station on Sep 21.
This is not the first time Ronson Chan was harassed by the Hong Kong Police. While the media were live streaming during the Hong Kong protests, a police officer asked for Chan’s Identity card and showed it on camera to the public without permission.
Stand News was often a target of the authorities during the anti-extradition movement. After Stand News was shut down by the Security Bureau for ‘violating’ the National Security Law, Chan became a reporter at Channel C, an online media company as a vice-reporting director….
Source: The Epoch Times