November 27, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

How the College of Education and Human Sciences is making a difference at UNL

LINCOLN- The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is home to one of the newer departments on campus. The College of Education and Human Sciences was founded in 2003, and provides students with real world opportunities.

Most of the careers that students in the college are trying to achieve with this program is people who want to have a direct contact with people and help them. The college focuses mainly on education and teaching, health and well being, families and communities. The majors included in the college are anything in schools, anything that is health or science related, and a couple of programs that are geared towards business management.

“The college has a mission to enhance the lives of individuals,” Dean Sherri Jones said. “We have programming that prepares the workforce in education, health and well being, along with families and communities.”

The college is currently home to around 3,500 students, with over 53,000 alumni. The motto of the college is “to enhance lives and strengthen relationships.”

The college has three main goals in what they want to try and achieve with the college and have their students do in the real world.

“The first goal is that children are ready to thrive by the time they reach kindergarten,” Jones said. “Our second is around comprehensive health and well being: that every Nebraskan will have access to leading edge best practices and health and wellness resources. The third grand vision is around strong communities that have strong schools and vibrant businesses.”

Real world experience is the number one thing that the college provides for its students, and is the biggest draw to the college and why people want to go there.

“Students are in their classroom learning theory and technique and then they are right away into the real world practicing those skills bringing those experiences right back to the classroom,” Jones said. “We try to do that with all of our programming in the college.”

The College of Education and Human Sciences also just moved into a new building called the Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall. The four story facility features classrooms, meeting spaces, offices, labs, an auditorium, and a link directly to Teachers College Hall and Henzlik Hall.

The building is named after Carolyn Pope Edwards, who was a faculty member at Nebraska for 18 years. She strived to improve the quality of young children’s education by understanding how they develop and thrive cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

The college, while one of the newer on campus, has opportunities for real world experience and for students to get firsthand knowledge on what they are wanting to go in to.

Source: Nebraska Regional News