March 22, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Huntington Beach City Council to Possibly Raise Campaign Donation Limits

The Huntington Beach City Council will vote Feb. 7 on raising campaign contribution limits for city candidates.
Currently, the city’s campaign contribution limits from one individual are capped at $500. The council is considering, however, aligning them to the state’s limit of $5,500.
The issue was previously heard in January, when the council voted 4–3 to move the ordinance forward for final approval in February with councilmembers Dan Kalmick, Natalie Moser, and Rhonda Bolton in opposition.
“This brings forward more accountability in our candidates and our campaigns,” Mayor Tony Strickland said in a meeting last December when he originally proposed the ordinance. “Most cities go along with state limits in California and that allows us to have more informed citizenry when it comes to elections here in Huntington Beach.”…
Source: The Epoch Times