April 1, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Jackson City Council Closer to Enabling Federal Oversight for Water Solutions

Officials from Jackson City in Mississippi, a region that recently faced a water crisis, have voted to allow a one-year legal agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that allows the federal entity to get involved in the city’s efforts to ensure water security in the region.
Jackson City has faced water problems for decades. However, things got a bit more heated in late August when heavy rains affected a local plant, depriving the city’s 150,000 residents of running water.
“It’s a cooperative agreement that will give the city an opportunity in a short amount of time to try to make sure we have clean, safe, reliable drinking water for the constituents,” City Council member Angelique C. Lee Ward said to reporters after the council vote. “We have all hopes and intention that in 12 months, we’ll be at a functioning place and we won’t have to be taken over in any other capacity.”…
Source: The Epoch Times