June 5, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Johnson, Grassley demand answers from National Archives on FBI review of Biden classified docs

FIRST ON FOX: GOP Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa demanded answers from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on a new revelation in President Biden’s classified documents scandal.

Johnson and Grassley sent a letter to NARA acting archivist Debra Wall revealing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reviewed nine boxes of classified materials found at the Penn Biden Center and moved to Biden’s attorney Pat Moore’s Boston office.

“On March 7, 2023, you confirmed that NARA retrieved nine boxes of Biden records from Pat Moore’s Boston office after Mr. Moore had moved them there from the Penn Biden Center,” the letter reads.


“When our offices asked NARA whether it has reviewed the contents of those nine boxes, you initially wrote, ‘NARA has not reviewed the contents of the boxes found at Mr. Moore’s Boston office,’” the lawmakers continued.

“However, after our staff reiterated the question in an email, NARA General Counsel Gary Stern revealed that, ‘while NARA has not yet reviewed the contents of the nine boxes, the FBI has,’” Johnson and Grassley revealed. “Mr. Stern did not indicate when the FBI reviewed those records.”

“If the FBI’s review occurred on or before your March 7 response to us, it is unclear why you did not disclose that information. It also remains unclear what steps, if any, NARA has taken to ensure that all records will be properly preserved before, during, and after the FBI’s review.”

The Republicans wrote that “by way of background,” Wall “previously wrote to us that President Biden’s counsel told NARA that they ‘began their review of the materials in the Penn Biden Center in October 2022 and had moved some boxes to Boston.’”

Johnson and Grassley pointed out that Wall said “‘NARA does not know the precise date(s) when that occurred’” and that she “confirmed to us that on November 3, 2022, President Biden’s personal counsel ‘informed NARA that Mr. Moore had moved other boxes from the Penn Biden Center to Mr. Moore’s law firm in Boston.’”

“On November 9, 2022, ‘NARA staff retrieved nine boxes from Moore’s Boston office’ and ‘secured them in NARA’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston,’” the lawmakers wrote.

Giving an April 3 deadline, Johnson and Grassley bombarded Wall with questions about the FBI’s review of Biden’s scandalous documents, including what date the FBI requested “access from NARA relating to the nine boxes of Biden records secured at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston” and if it is “standard practice that the FBI would review these records before NARA conducts a review for the purpose of identifying Presidential Records Act documents.”

NARA confirmed to Fox News Digital they received the letter but declined to comment.

Earlier this month, NARA revealed an additional nine boxes of documents were taken from Biden’s attorney’s Boston office.

The Archives had not previously publicly disclosed the number of boxes taken from Boston. It had been reported that Moore had shipped boxes of documents from the Penn Biden Center to his Boston office before discovering the initial trove of classified documents at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Fox News previously reported that FBI agents searched the Penn Biden Center offices in mid-November after President Biden’s personal attorneys discovered a handful of documents with classified markings there on Nov. 2.

Fox News Digital’s Kelly Laco contributed reporting.

Source: Politics