November 30, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Kemp camp reacts to NYT report suggesting Democrat Stacey Abrams floundering in Georgia governor's race

FIRST ON FOX — Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s campaign reacted on Wednesday to a new piece published in The New York Times suggesting that his Democrat opponent Stacey Abrams is “struggling” in the race.

The Times reported on Wednesday that Abrams, defeated by Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial race before deciding to run for a re-match “has been trailing her Republican rival, Gov. Brian Kemp, alarming Democrats who have celebrated her as the master strategist behind the state’s Democratic shift.

“Democrats have largely kept quiet on their concerns about Ms. Abrams’s campaign. But several county elected officials and community leaders in Georgia have privately expressed their worries to the campaign directly, according to interviews with more than two dozen Democratic officials who asked not to be named discussing private conversations,” according to the Times. “They have complained that the campaign was slow to reach out to key constituencies and underestimated Mr. Kemp’s strength in an already difficult year for Democratic candidates.” 

Tate Mitchell, who serves as Kemp’s campaign spokesperson, reacted in a statement first obtained by Fox News. 


“Stacey Abrams’ campaign isn’t connecting with Georgia voters, and people across the country and here in Georgia know it,” Mitchell said. “After raising millions hand over fist from out-of-state billionaires, her campaign — and Georgia Democrats — are now mired in internal squabbling. Governor Kemp will continue to run on his record of putting Georgians first and his vision for a safer, stronger Georgia.”

Source: Politics