Lexington Family Business Donates $25,000 to Tennis Complex

NebraskaLand Tire and Kirk’s Nebraskaland Restaurant along with its owners Travis and Danielle Wright donated $25,000 to the Lexington Racquet Center project that is set to be built on the west end of Plum Creek Park. Travis tells KRVN why they decided to make this donation.

The Wright family has a long history of donating to the community of Lexington including donating the land that Lexington’s Kirkpatrick Memorial Park sits on as well as the ground that all of Plum Creek Park sits on.

Construction of the Lexington Racquet Complex will begin in the spring of 2023. The complex will be 29,000 square feet and will include four indoor tennis courts (joint pickleball), restrooms, storage, and spectator seating.  These additional courts will allow for Lexington Parks & Recreation, Lexington High School, Lexington Tennis Association, and the Orthman Community YMCA to help with programming needs.  This new facility will allow for Lexington to host year-round youth and racquet activities, instruction, leagues, and tournaments.

The estimated cost to the project cost by the project engineer is $2.24 million. 

Source: Nebraska Regional News

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