December 5, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Man threatens healthcare workers and destroys property in Grand Island hospital

      A man was arrested following a violent outburst at CHI Health St. Francis in Grand Island.  Grand Island Police Department was called there shortly before 8:00pm Wednesday evening on a report of  an “out of control patient who was causing damage”.   The patient, identified as Gerald Carrabba, threw coffee on the officers and then kicked and scratched an officer in an attempt to avoid being placed under arrest.  

    Once Carrabba was in custody, it was reported he damaged multiple items prior to officers arriving. Two Samsung monitors, a picture frame, a white board, a sharps container, two hand sanitizer dispensers, a bladder 9400 scanner, and two separate pieces of flooring were damaged resulting in $6,225 of damage.

    Carrabba was also reported to have been running around the hospital floor, holding a large piece of wood, threatening to harm others.  This caused the nurses on the floor to run and barricade themselves inside a locked room out of fear.  Initial charges against Carrabba were Criminal Mischief $5000+ , 3 counts of Terroristic Threats, Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest First Offense.

     A statement released by the Nebraska Hospital Association, states they stand with their health care workers.   “Our hearts are with those affected by this horrific event,” commented Jeremy Nordquist, President, NHA. “This kind of hospital violence is unfortunately on the increase in our hospitals across the state and the NHA is committed to doing everything we can to reverse this dangerous trend and protect our health care heroes.”

Source: Nebraska Regional News