Michael Flynn Has Warning to Americans After FBI Trump Raid: ‘Greatest Threat to Our Country Right Now Is Clearly Internal’

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has warned that the United States faces an unprecedented threat from the inside in the wake of the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida earlier this week.
The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and national security adviser to Trump said that while the United States faces a range of external threats from the Chinese regime to Iran, “the greatest threat to our country right now is clearly internal.”
“The security state complex and the complexity of the security state—as it has grown in leaps and bounds and bounds in the last 20 years or so—it is now overtaking our system of government and our rule of law,” Flynn said in an Aug. 11 interview with the “Capitol Report” program on NTD Television Network, the sister media outlet of The Epoch Times….
Source: The Epoch Times

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