March 21, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

National Aluminum Shortage Could Mean Nebraskans Can’t Get The Same License Plate Numbers

LEXINGTON, NE – Some Nebraska counties will be affected by the national aluminum shortage as the new license plates are rolled out and county treasurers may not be able to hold back plate numbers for customers who have staked claim. Dawson County is among the counties listed.

County Treasurer Kaitlyn Woltemath says, “The State of Nebraska Corrections Center is working their hardest. Their trying their best to make sure they get us the plates we need as quick as possible.”

Woltemath says they have received a limited number of plates, but usually during a new plate year, by this time, they would have most of their plates.

Woltemath adds, “We are trying our best to see that everyone gets their same plate numbers but that’s not always going to be possible.”

The Dawson County Treasurers office appreciates Dawson County residents patience and understanding as this is something out of their control.

With the aluminum shortage and a limited number of plates released at a time, it could potentially cause double plate numbers from new to old, but law enforcement will be looking at the plate series and registrations to avoid confusion.

If any Dawson County resident has questions they are asked to contact the treasurers office at 308-324-3241.

Source: Nebraska Regional News