Russia Probes ‘Ukraine, US Ties’ To Terror Attack As Putin Says Gunmen Did It “For Money”


Russia Probes ‘Ukraine, US Ties’ To Terror Attack As Putin Says Gunmen Did It “For Money”

Russia is continuing to make arrests of alleged conspirators involved in the March 22 terror attack on Crocus City Hall in a Moscow suburb which left at least 140 dead and hundreds injured and wounded.

In addition to the four gunmen who were quickly detained, dozens of other alleged plotters have been rounded up amid an ongoing investigation. The Kremlin says it is probing Ukrainian and potential US links to the deadly attack

Memorial at scene of Crocus City Hall attack, Moskva News Agency

Moscow previously announced “substantial evidence” of the attackers’ financial links to Ukraine involving cryptocurrency transfers. President Putin has acknowledged that ‘Islamic extremists’ were behind it, yet said some other entity or even state was likely directing them.

In fresh statements translated to English in Russian state media, Putin said of the terrorists, “They’re doing anything for money, not guided by any religious or political considerations, only financial ones.” He added that “any information can be easily bought and sold” in such a market. He vowed “We will definitely get them” — in apparent reference to those who ultimately masterminded the plot.

Washington has vehemently rejected any accusations against either Ukraine or the US or Western governments. Instead, it says the Biden White House tried to warn Russian authorities.

However, on Tuesday Russia’s spy chief, FSB head Sergei Naryshkin stated that US warnings were too broad and ambiguous. There wasn’t enough info to prevent any attack, he said.

“The Federal Security Service [FSB] received some information from the U.S. intelligence services that such a thing was unfortunately possible,” Naryshkin told a press briefing. “But as our Russian colleagues said, the information was too general and did not allow us to fully identify those who committed this terrible crime,” he was cited by Interfax as saying.

Putin in his Tuesday comments also referenced the “mercenary terrorist attacks” which are “a weapon that is being used against Russia” but that in the end it will be a “double-edged weapon” blowing back on those who use it. 

This is really worth sharing: a top Chinese international relations scholar (Ma Xiaolin, director of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at Zhejiang International Studies University) shares his view on why ISIS is now targeting geopolitical enemies of the West.

I translated…

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The White House meanwhile is not buying any of this. Last week the Biden administration rejected these Russian claims as “nonsense” and said it was clear that the Islamic State was “solely responsible”. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby in a Thursday briefing reiterated that Washington had passed info on to Moscow that a terror attack was imminent. Kirby described this as delivered in the form of a “written warning”. The US Embassy in Moscow also issued a public alert calling on Americans to avoid large public venues and gatherings.

“It is abundantly clear that ISIS (Islamic State) was solely responsible for the horrific attack in Moscow last week. In fact, the United States tried to help prevent this terrorist attack and the Kremlin knows this,” Kirby said. But this is what the Kremlin is now dismissing as too vague.

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