November 28, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Republicans open Hispanic center in Colorado’s new congressional district

DENVER (KDVR) — Eyes in Colorado and beyond are fixed on some congressional races that could be key to the balance of power in the nation’s capital. Wednesday, people were focused on the House.

With Colorado’s newly created congressional district up for grabs, both Democrats and Republicans are making it known that they want to win.

The Republican National Committee is making a first-of-its-kind investment in the state by setting up a Hispanic Community Center in Thornton where they say the party will focus on outreach.

“We’ve been asking voters what issues matter most to them and asking if they are happy with the direction of the country and the state. Every door is being opened to us, they’re having conversations so with this center we’ll now invite them to come here and eat food together and do events and have fun,” said Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown.

The GOP said this is the RNC’s 38th center they have opened nationwide, the 19th dedicated to doing Hispanic outreach.

“We are thrilled to open this center here in the heart of cd8 which is 38% Hispanic, a great new congressional district here in Colorado that will be represented by a Republican on Nov. 8,” said Burton Brown.

Democrats are saying not so fast. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in the state Wednesday for other business, and she said she believes the seat will go blue.

“I know we’re not here on a political venue so I would hesitate to go too far down the path but you asked. Two of you asked. We have absolutely every intention of holding the house and that victory comes right through Colorado,” said Pelosi.

Republican State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer is running for the seat against Democrat State Representative Yadira Caraveo in the tight race.

Kirkmeyer recently made headlines for updating her campaign website to remove references to President Trump and her stance on abortion. Kirkmeyer said her stance on abortion has not changed, she is anti-abortion with exceptions for when the life of the mother is at risk, and she plans to revamp the site as needed.

“That very common, in fact I think pretty much everyone does it,” said Kirkmeyer. “A primary campaign is different than a general election campaign. Campaigns are fluid: you go through, you look at your webpage, you start with whatever you’re hearing out there when you start knocking at the door and you start talking about what are going to be your issues that you are going to be to focus on for the general election and that’s what we put on the general election campaign website. So don’t be surprised if, in the next few weeks, it gets revised or updated again. My new opponent is someone totally different, it’s a Democrat. It’s not three Republicans, so now I have a comparison between myself and her on where we stand on the issues that I believe are the most important to this district.”

Caraveo would be the first Latina woman to represent Colorado in Congress if elected. Kirkmeyer said she believes her values are the same as those of the Hispanic community.

“I owned a dairy farm. I owned a small business so I understand the same values that folks throughout this district understand. I was raised in the Catholic faith, I think there’s a large part of the Hispanic community that is in the Catholic faith as well. So we have that kind of value and that Christian faith and that foundation as well,” said Kirkmeyer.

The GOP ended the opening of the center Wednesday by offering the crowd burritos and churros, in what Kirkmeyer said was “true traditional Hispanic flavor.” The center is set to open at least through the election season. The state GOP said hopes it will become a permanent fixture in the future.

Source: Rocky Mountain News