December 9, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Sen. Fischer Not Optimistic Biden Thursday Address Will Have Positive Tone

Nebraska U-S Sen. Deb Fischer says she’s not optimistic the message that will be delivered by President Biden tonight will be a positive one.

Biden makes a prime-time speech from Pennsylvania, with the White House saying it will focus on the ‘continuing battle for the soul of the nation.’

When asked this week if the President’s tone will be unifying or would vilify those with opposing political views, Fischer told KNEB News his messaging as of late has had a demonizing tone.

“He’s been… vilifying, really basically, the Republican party. That is not helpful for our country,” said Fischer. “Part of the job of a President of the United States is to be a unifier, is to represent all people, is to bring this country together.”

Fischer says the language used lately to describe the millions who supported former President Trump has been discouraging, and she would encourage Biden to change his vocabulary, and realize we’re all Americans.

Source: Nebraska Regional News